The Small Things

There are some simple pleasures in life that are just worth talking about. As I mentioned in a previous post I have been reading through ‘The Book Of Awesome’ and it has put me in a ‘be grateful for the small things’ kind of attitude. So, in dedication to the book and living life fully….10 ‘small things’….


1. Emails from Mom- I like talking on the phone with my family, don’t get me wrong…but emails from my mom are just a nice, quick reminder they are thinking of me and there is no pressure to set aside 40 minutes to chat on the phone. I can respond when I get a few minutes, and its a nice update to know what is going on with them. Plus. I get them right to my phone…so I don’t even have to be home!:) (perfect for when I am on nights)

2. Coming home to a clean house. My husband is a little bit of a man-boy when it comes to cleaning. He just dosen’t see the clutter/mess. Not because he is TRYING to be a ‘slob’ (as I call him), it just dosen’t bother him like it does me. Thus, it is always incredibly wonderful when he takes 20 minutes out of his day to tidy up and be a little ‘OCD’ for me..tidying up the small things that most people wouldn’t even notice… before I get home from work. I come home to clear tables, or dishes done, or even the bed made JUST how I like it and it just sets me up for an hour of relaxation before bed time!

3. Waking up early (but not too early)- 45 minutes before the alarm, feeling rested with enough time to lazily eat breakfast, sip coffee, shower and get ready for the day without the mad- “I slept too long and now I have to be ugly today” rush!=)

4. HOT coffee. You know what I mean; so fresh you practically caught it in your cup as it brewed. So hot that adding creamer just makes it cool enough to sip without burning your tounge, but not cool enough to gulp. Ahhhhh. =)

5. Trash TV. You don’t have to think…you can just sit back, stare blankly at the scripted-life-disasters unfolding before you knowing ‘Life is good’. Because really- what REAL life has THAT much drama? *Cough* Teen Mom *Cough* Real Housewives* Cough

6. Birds chirping as the sunshine starts to stream in your window as you slowly wake up. 

7. Dancing in the kitchen, with no music, with no formal steps just to be silly.

8. Bathroom cold water. If you know me REALLY well…you know this is another one of my OCD-type things; the water in the kitchen just dosen’t get cold enough….my 3-4 litres a day must be LOADED with ice or….as my husband calls it ‘Bathroom Cold’….which simply means from the bathroom tap, because it gets the coldest.

9. Knowing your neighbors. In a world where noone takes the time to meet their neighbors anymore, it is a beautiful, lovely thing to know your neighbors and meet new ones. It is always a pain-in-the-butt circumstances which causes the meet (like your cars simultaneously getting stuck in the parking lot, or common kitchen floods)….but they are always made lighter by getting to know a friendly neighbor who are no longer ‘The loud shift workers down the hall’ but rather ‘John and Pam in # 4’

10. Running. There is absolutely NO-BETTER-FEELING-IN-THE-WORLD (except maybe love…) than having one foot in front of the other, smooth breath, completely in ‘the zone’. Eyes on the horizon, not a thought on your mind (those clear by km # 5, typically)…just you, nature, fresh air and some runner’s high. Awesome.

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