Juice Flurry



Week one was a great week of runs. With the first week of real COLD weather (one day was -26 C), I was glad to have just finished. The above picture was taken on that really cold day- It is a great reminder of why I run. It was a miserable temperature, but once the adrenaline hit, and I warmed up a bit I was able to just enjoy the gorgeous winter views. Seriously, this city is gorgeous. My runs all had slow paces this week which I blame on the weather and layers of clothes, goal for week two is to get back to my normal pace.

Week Two:

5 min warm up + 4.8 km at a comfortable pace + 5 min cool down

Cross train for 45 minutes

4.8km at 10km race pace

5 min warm up + 5.6km at a comfortable pace + 5 min cool down

35-40 minute easy run

Next race is The Salvation Army’s Santa Shuffle, December 7th. It is just a 5km race, so my plan is to really push myself and try to set a new 5km PR. *Fingers crossed*




Since having a cold float through our home for almost two weeks (2 days for me, a week ish for my hubster), I have been juicing a TON. Grey Robin, one of my best girlfriends suggested juicing when my turn with the cold came around. I followed her advice and juiced grapefruit + beet + carrot + ginger, plus supplemented with echinachea + zinc + oregano oil and felt better by the next day. My hubbie refused, and suffered for a week before trying it…he felt better the next day too! Miracle cure? Since then, I have been attached at the hip to my juicer. For two, almost three weeks now I have been juicing anywhere from 5 times a week to twice daily! LOVE.




Though I have been resisting the Christmas itch around here (can’t get excited until after my birthday, December 12), I was definately excited to find some vegan egg nog today! I seriously LOVE lattes, baking, and breakfasts made with nog instead of milk through the winter months. I can not WAIT to try this!




Loving that cold weather calls for more nights IN with the hubbie, warm scarves, knit blankets and makeup-free days. Off to watch Happy Endings on Netflix-anyone seen it? I have only watched the pilot so far. So far, so good.

Happy Running!

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