Frost Bite!

Today was monumental for me as a runner. When I first started running back in 2010, my first race was the Santa Shuffle 5km. I ran it in 35 minutes on a -15C day. Today, I returned to the race, despite enormous amounts of fear. I woke up and my weather app said with windchill, it was expected to warm up to a bone-chilling -49C by the time the race started. I decided to race down and only do the 1km to avoid the cold. When I arrived at the race, and met with my amazing friend, Becky, she encouraged me that I could do the 5km. She had previously offered to pace me to break my PR. So we started, and despite emense amounts of fear that I wasn’t ‘good enough’, ‘brave enough’, ‘dressed warm enough’, ‘fit enough’, I finished. Becky encouraged me through the entire race. I didn’t break my PR, but I did  break a record for the coldest run in my history of running. I finnished in 37 minutes. ONLY TWO MINUTES SHORT! I am so proud of myself. =)


Not only did I finish emensly proud, but my husband was awarded 2nd Male overall, and Becky’s husband finished 1st Male overall. Neither wore a watch so we have no clue how fast they were. Our friend Kerri walked the 1km Elf Walk, and I am very proud of her as she usually volunteers! It took a lot of effort to get out in temperatures colder than the North Pole today. Becky’s friend, Natasha, from work joined us and also encouraged me the whole way. The only members of our team not in the photo were Chantel and her mom (chantel’s picture below), who we didn’t connect with until we were leaving the start line. They set out to walk the 1km Elf Walk, and ended up doing the entire 5km. Did I mention Chantel JUST had a baby? Which makes her mom a GRANDMA? You go girls!


It was a great race, with lots of volunteers along the way, freezing their bottoms off! The finish had coconut water, muffins, david’s tea and other randoms, and the metals were super cute! For a cheap race ($23)…I will definately do it again!

Needless to say…I am SO proud of our whole group, and so incredibly thankful to one of my best friends, Becky (my drill saergent). I came out with a small patch of frost bite on my side-butt and a even smaller patch on my forehead. War wounds that I am so proud to have [and my Grammy Speach ends here…]

So, What did I wear? [For lack of arctic running advice online…]

My base layer consisted of a sweat-wicking Lululemon t-shirt/sports bra.

My warmth layer consisted of a half-zip long sleeve ruffle shirt from Target (fleecy lining) + a long sleeve Lululemon sweater made out of luon

My wind breaking layer was my winter edition of the running room wind breaker

I also wore The Running Room’s thermal tights which are similar to a scuba material, lined with fleecy fabric + a Lululemon ear warmer headband, balaclava from The Running Room, some random crappy Walmart fleece gloves, and a pair of my husbands botton socks (poor choice) since mine were all dirty.

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