Birthday Recap

I started off the week with a longest run I have done in a year! I have been running 5km distances for way WAY too long, and 7.2 was looming. It took some working up to. It was cold, difficult, SLOW and I felt SO good after compleating it!

The next two days I worked…..and some jerk smashed in my car window. =( Boo.

Finally, it was my birthday. This year, I just wanted a relaxing night with my man…cheating on my allergies and eating a little dairy.  Nothing crazy or special.


G came home early from school and spoiled me with presents and gluten free cupcakes. He gifted me some yoga pants, a scarf, and my favorite tea! LOVE. (perfect compliment to my parent’s gift of yoga classes)



We enjoyed some tea/cupcakes along with too many episodes of Dawson’s Creek before we headed off to grab some supper. [Dessert before the meal…duh. Its my birthday.] My favorite cupcake place Cupcake Conspiracy is peanut free, and you can order gluten free cupcakes as well. These were heaven! I couldn’t even taste the difference from their regular gluten infested treats. My favorite was the white chocolate cupcake- Moon Landing.

After we had stuffed our faces with sugar, we headed to La Bamba. We had never been, but chose it for it’s great reviews on Urbanspoon and the fact that it is 100% gluten free.



I am so glad we chose this place! It was AMAZING. We both ordered the enchiladas (spicy for graeme). We both forgot to order them dairy-free, so we indulged in a little dairy + an allergy pill for me! After only about 5 minutes, our food was ready. They came with mexican rice and beans as well as house made chips and salsa for the table. I ordered a size of guacamole as well. SO GOOD. Graeme ate his up in about 5 seconds while I savored mine. We will definately be back!

We came home, watched the boringest movie ever on itunes…and then retreated to the bed all snuggly in our jammies for a couple more episodes of Dawson’s Creek before bed.

The perfect lazy birthday.


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