Grey Skies



Last week, I used the ‘Its my Birthday’ excuse and barely ran. After my fab 7.2 on monday, I only went for one walk and did some stretching. I have been feeling pretty unmotivated this week. I missed the only BEAUTIFUL (-1C) day working….so Ive been stuck with dreary, grey, cold days.

This week I MUST get back on track. I need to be fit a fab to start marathon training on new years day, that will give me a couple extra weeks to allow for any set-backs that may occur before the race in April.

Yesterday I had my car in the shop to have a new window put in (some jerk smashed it in while I worked). Being without transportation for the day ended up being a really good thing as I had to go on foot to do my errands. I walked somewhere around 5km and did some stretching at home.

For runs this week, here is what I have to accomplish by Sunday:

7.2km @ a comfortable pace

4.8km @ race pace (7 minute kilometers)

8km @ a comfortable pace

40-45 easy run (I am going to call my walking day my easy run due to lack of days left in the week)

I will be proud to have these runs accomplished by the end of the week. Its going to be busy: My best friend is in town, my parents/brother are coming to town, and sunday morning we leave to visit the in-laws. Busy busy.

I am BEYOND excited to share that my husband has signed up for his FIRST half marathon!!! YAYYYY!!! I think he was inspired by doing so well at the Santa Shuffle, and his ‘tuxedo’ sweats he recently bought (he tells me they are so nice he could wear them to tuxedo events).

Off to juice, and see my BEST FRIEND for the first time in a month!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!! [Did I mention I am off for 11 days? On the up and up!]



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