This week was another week of weather ups and downs. Typical Saskatchewan. I saved my long run for the end of the week as it was forcasted to be 3C….and well, you can’t pass that up. It was a slippery slow run with my wonderful run-friend-coach (=) I pay in her in mid-run complaints..haha). I was a week behind in training from the beginning of January so I decided to skip the week long run and go right up to 10km rather than 9km. Great choice…it was an awesome run. This morning my right groin is stiff, but everything else feels good, so taking the day to relax and do some yoga.

This next week is as follows:

35-45 min easy

10 min warm up + 2 min on/2 min off at HM pace x 4-6 + 10 min cool down

45 min easy

10km long slow run


As part of my rest day, I did some gluten-free baking today. I had two TOTAL flops- as in- hockey puck texture/gluten-free taste….and then, when I was ready to give up, my third recipe was AMAZING. In my opinion, you can’t even tell they are gluten free. Just shows I just need to perseverance with this gluten-free baking thing. I topped the vanilla cakes with a butt-load (no pun intended….I realized after chocolate piping I should have chose another tip….=)) of dairy free chocolate butter cream….et voila! So yummy. Will be bringing them to work tonight for some night shift snackage.

Here is the recipe I used: http://blog.bobsredmill.com/recipes/vegan-vanilla-cupcakes/



This week has been incredible run-wise. The weather has been A-MA-ZING. As in….it is no longer in the -40C’s. As in… today was +4C. Hallelujah. I am not naiive enough to believe this will last, but I am taking full advantage as long as I possibly can!=) I wore capri’s and Tom’s today to suck in the warmth. I even got a frapp at starbucks rather than a hot beverage! Needless to say, I am quite enjoying my mid-winter weather vacation. 


Here is what I have to accomplish this week:

35-45 min. easy run

10 min. warm up + 2 x 1km @ half marathon goal pace with 2 min. jog + 10 min. cool down

45 min. easy run

9 km long slow run

Ps. The sunset today was amazing. We really do live in ‘the land of the living skies

Link Love

I am POOPED. Starting a new job this week was exhausting ( and it was only two days). My running fell by the wayside. I now have to get in my long run today…making an extra run this week. Way to go me. Bleh. At least it has warmed up. 

Since I am brain dead…this is how I usually find my beloved daily-reading blogs..Link Love. So today, I am going to share with you 5 blogs that I started reading at the beginning of this year and can’t get enough of!


My Darling Lemon Thyme: This girl’s photography is amazing…plus great writting AND awesome gluten-free recipes. Can you go wrong?

My Name Is Yeh: Love reading about her adventures with some yummy recipes thrown in. Again. Gorg photo skills.

My New Roots: This girl just makes me want to eat veggies!

Run Grey Robin: Run run as fast as you can….

Itz Linz: Healthy living + a baby on the way.


A Day In My Life: Off Day Eats

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is: What/where do you eat being allergic to so many things?! (Gluten, Dairy, Air-born Peanuts, Shellfish, Raw Peaches, Raw Cherries, Raw Apples, Walnuts)

Well…here you have it folks! A day off- Saturday- which tend to be much less structered than a work day (I will do another on this later). On a ‘good day’, I tend to eat small meals every 3-5 hours rather than 3 large meals, I drink about 3-4 litres of water per day, and I aim to get around 68 grams of protein (0.8g x weight in kg = g of protein to eat per day). Saturdays tend to be a bit more relaxed and I don’t always eat the healthiest….

Wake Up 10am (I slept for 11 hours! I was exhausted!): Juice 2 small grapefruits + 2 carrots + 1 small beet. Out of ginger today. I also take my supplements: B6, multivitamin, rhodiola, a probiotic, and inositol(mixed in my water). Set out some pork chops to defrost for supper.


Putz around the house tidying up, checking email, etc.

Hubbie finally wakes up 11:45am: We head to Broadway Cafe, a nearby eatery, for brunch. Love this place. It has a 50’s Diner feel- checkered floors, Elvis everything, classic diner food, etc. Portions are HUGE. While it is risky buisness eating here due to possible cross-contamination and open peanut butter at times, I am comfortable taking the risk. I have never had a problem. I bring my epipen, and keep an eye out for peanut butter near me. My husband and I are always prepared to have our food switched to take out if necessary to avoid peanuts! I ordered a vegetarian omlette with no cheese; which comes with hashbrowns, and they cook in oil instead of butter for me, and a side of bacon with orange juice. I ate half and packed up the other half. 27 g protein for half of this.photo-258

On the way home 12:30pm: We walk down the street from the resturant to pick up a Tall soy vanilla latte at Starbucks. Forgot a picture. I don’t like coffee without milk and the retaurant didn’t have a non-dairy option. It is a bitter -26,C -38C with the windchill, enough to make me decide to do my speed work on the treadmill tonight (-20C is my ‘must go outside’ cutoff).  7g Protein.

Spent the afternoon watching Call The Midwife, chatting with my Mom (who’s in hospital recovering from surgery), ordering some Ugg boots, and generally relaxing. So nice to have a day home with my hubbie after the busy holiday season.

4:30pm: Typically would have another snack or meal by now, but I still feel stuffed from all the protein I ate with breakfast.

5:30pm Run time…husband is quicker than me and hops on….I calculate some training paces. Then it is my turn. Speed work day. 10 minute warm up + 1km at race pace + 2 min jog + 1km at race pace + 10 minute cool down….37 minutes total. Shower and dinner prep after.

7:40pm: Ate about 10 grapes while waiting for the pork chops to bake.

8 pm supper: Starving by this point. So starving I forget a picture of the food. Dinner is a baked pork chop (seasoned with epicure cajun seasoning and salt) + homemade apple sauce from the freezer from the winter (sugar free) + salad + french green beans. I end it with a cup of tea and a few Enjoy Life chocolate chips. (dairy and peanut free) 17 g protein.photo-259

Time to watch Ocean’s 11 with the hubster, then probably a little reading and bed!

Protein total for the day: 52 grams…a little low, but didn’t effect my hunger levels.

New Year



Happy New Year! After an exhausting holiday season of travel, I am excited to be back home and get back into routine of cooking healthy meals, juicing, and running. [I won’t even go into details regarding christmas as that was exhausting enough to experience….damn train ride.]

We spent new years eve at home, as most of our friends were busy/out of town new years eve. I was coming off of night shift so I was happy to relax in my jammies. I made us home made sushi as well as some cold spring rolls and edamame to eat. I used an itunes gift card I recieved for christmas to buy Human Plant to watch, as well as we started the first half of Silver Linings Play Book.



With the new year, comes half marathon training. Here’s what this week will entail:

35-45 minutes Easy Pace

10 min. warm up + 2×1 km at Half Marathon Goal Pace (2 min jog in between) + 10 min. cool down

45 minutes Easy Pace

7km Long Slow Run

Along with starting marathon training, I will also be closing a chapter in my life. I will be working my last shift as an Emergency Room Nurse, and next week I will be starting in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I am very sad to be leaving the wonderful work family I have developed over the last 3 years, but I am excited to see what this new chapter will bring.

Here’s to 2014!