This week was another week of weather ups and downs. Typical Saskatchewan. I saved my long run for the end of the week as it was forcasted to be 3C….and well, you can’t pass that up. It was a slippery slow run with my wonderful run-friend-coach (=) I pay in her in mid-run complaints..haha). I was a week behind in training from the beginning of January so I decided to skip the week long run and go right up to 10km rather than 9km. Great choice…it was an awesome run. This morning my right groin is stiff, but everything else feels good, so taking the day to relax and do some yoga.

This next week is as follows:

35-45 min easy

10 min warm up + 2 min on/2 min off at HM pace x 4-6 + 10 min cool down

45 min easy

10km long slow run


As part of my rest day, I did some gluten-free baking today. I had two TOTAL flops- as in- hockey puck texture/gluten-free taste….and then, when I was ready to give up, my third recipe was AMAZING. In my opinion, you can’t even tell they are gluten free. Just shows I just need to perseverance with this gluten-free baking thing. I topped the vanilla cakes with a butt-load (no pun intended….I realized after chocolate piping I should have chose another tip….=)) of dairy free chocolate butter cream….et voila! So yummy. Will be bringing them to work tonight for some night shift snackage.

Here is the recipe I used: http://blog.bobsredmill.com/recipes/vegan-vanilla-cupcakes/

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