This week has been full of highs and lows. Above…I tried to get a picture of the icesicles on our eyelashes at the end of the run today, but it didn’t exactly capture them. It is back to -20ish C….and I could cry. I was on fire with running, and with the weather and going back to my old job this week I didn’t end up getting out for even ONE run until today.

Instead of dwelling on the past…Im just skipping the missed week and carrying on with the half marathon plan. Week 6! 

In other exciting news, I got a spot at the Vancouver Sea Wheeze Half Marathon hosted by lululemon. I am beyond excited as this is supposed to be one of the best races in canada (that says a lot seeing as it is only 3 years old this year!) Unfortunately I don’t have a run buddy going, but my husband will join me as my cheer squad and MAYBE my parents. If they can. The race sold out in 26 minutes this year….all TEN THOUSAND spots. Crazy right? I know I won’t be running alone….I can’t wait! I LOVE Vancouver.

Pray for Grey Robin as she battles though a crappy foot injury this week! She is so far in her full marathon training-this is heart breaking! Reminds me to be extra diligent with foam rolling/stretching….and to get started on some strength training. I know all too well how heart-breaking these injuries can be mid-training. 

Less than 3 months until the Gopher Attack Half Marathon!! (and spring!)

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