To say winter has been kicking our behinds would be in understatement. The last two weeks have been COLD, and it is only expected to get worse. Some places in SK are expected to reach -65C with the windchill this weekend. ==>Insert tears here<==…If you haven’t watched the documentary ‘Chasing Ice’ on netflix….you should now. You will learn so much about global warming and what is causing this crazy weather.

-65?! Is that even POSSIBLE. My brain can’t fathom it. 

I hit up the track at the university and ran a relatively slow 12k on sunday with the hubbie and Grey Robin. I had ate gluten AND dairy the night before, so I really surprised myself by pushing through feeling terrible at the beginning. Ended up being a good run, minus the hamster-wheel insanity. =) I followed that great run by a week of working, but starting to get my healthy eating back on track.

On tuesday, I learned of a new allergy. =( Kiwi. I had been sick a few days previously after eating it and hadn’t clued in, thinking I caught a virus or something. On tuesday, within 5-10 minutes of eating I had a sore itchy mouth and extreme nausea/vomitting/abd pain. Yay. Not. I actually had a break down and just cried. I am pretty sure my husband thought I was insane. The thing is…each new allergy just seems so overwhelming these days. Not because I can’t deal with it, just because I am selfish; why me. The list is SO long now, I sometimes feel like a freak having to explain my allergies to people. Thankfully I have very loving, caring, understanding people in my life.

Today we stocked up at Costco. We had NO groceries…as in…before I went to work wed. night we had 1 lb ground beef, one yam, an onion, and beef broth in the house…all of which I used to make myself a make shift lunch. $320 later, our cupboards don’t seem very full, and I still need to buy real groceries but we are stocked up on some of the ‘lasting’ things. Freezer goods, berries, cereal and what not. 

This week I am planning to get in two long runs hopefully. 13 and 14km respectively. I also am meeting some friends to learn more about strength training as encouraged by my naturopath and purchasing a introductory offer at a local hot yoga place. $40 for an unlimited month! Yay!!! I’ve never done hot yoga…so pray I don’t go syncopal and embarrass myself, haha.

To a week of healthy eating, tons of exercise…and hibernation. Screw you -65C!!

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