The weekend was pretty awesome, in all kinds of relaxing and laid back kind of ways…but also in work-out type of ways.

Friday, a friend took me to her gym to teach me some weight lifting/strength training stuff to compliment my running. I left feeling a little discouraged at how weak I was, but ended up relaxing at home and cooking with the hubster the rest of the night.

By Saturday I was feeling sore, but ready to kick some running butt (13km planned). Arrived to the gym(where I renewed my old pass for a month due to the frigid temperatures) to run on the track and realized I had forgotten my watch as well as a sports bra. DERG. Ended up biking for 55 minutes (while reading 14 minutes-the book above) and then doing more strength training for an hour. This was my first time venturing into the mostly-bulky-stinky-male-laden side of the gym and I left feeling very accomplished. My husband ran a half-marathon distance on the track while I did that with Grey Robin. We followed up the gym with dinner at East Side Mario’s-who have an awesome gluten-free menu!


Today, I had hot yoga planned with a friend as well as getting that missed run in. The friend had to cancel yoga, and I was still sore from the last two days at the gym so I decided to take the day off and post-pone the run to tomorrow before work. I used the day to utterly relax. First we picked up some nuun/gels/bites to restock our stores, then we came home for lunch, napped, and woke up to make Gluten Free Vegan Black Bean Brownies….they were HEAVENLY. Thanks for the recommendation Grey Robin! Spending the night with a slice of gluten free pizza(yes, ill pay for the dairy), a movie and snuggles with my hubbie before a busy week of work and work-outs….I plan to be a gym-rat this month.


This week I hope to get in a speed run, a slow easy run, as well as two long runs-13km and 14km. I also am planning for hot yoga one morning, and 3 strength training sessions. Hopefully I can stick to this crazy schedule. I want to go into the half marathon next month feeling as strong as possible!=)

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