Loving Lately



1. Saskatoon seems to be in spring-mode. The temperatures have been above -1C week. I spent the majority of my 14km run this week dodging puddles! So greatful to be out there pounding the pavement (er…mud) again. My husband is training now too, and it’s pretty fab.


2. Collective Coffee on 20th street in Saskatoon. Seriously. Drop everything and go RIGHT NOW. This was the best espresso latte I have had so far in my life. Soy, yet so creamy and foamy. Mmmm. I can’t stop thinking about that cup o joe.



3. Peanut Free Pad Thai. Seriously. In a serious effort to cook more at home on weekends, I made this from a combination of two cook books this week and it was SO good. I will have to make it a few more times before I post a final recipe as I didn’t measure anything. I could go as far to say that I want to eat it on my death bed…along with these:



4. Homemade Reeses Eggs!! Using almond butter of course. I made 15 3 days ago…..and I only have two left. Oops. Good thing I have been working out a ton! Thank you pinterest. =)

5. Lennon & Maisy. I know, I know. You guys are probably sick of hearing about these youngin’s but every.single.video they post makes my heart sing. Also, I started watching Nashville….and was very pleasantly suprised they play small roles! Yay! Go check out their latest HERE!


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