Epic Fail

Well friends and faithful readers, epic fail is a slight understatement. Crashed and burned is more like it. Today SHOULD  be day 12 of the no sugar, no refined carb challenge I set out to accomplish. Well….lets just say-epic failure. On day 9 was date day- I was inadequately hydrated and inadequately nutritionised (yep, its a word;) )…and I crashed. I was utterly starving by the time our 9:55pm movie started and ended up ordering popcorn (with butter) and a coke. Once we left the movie, I ordered an McFlurry at McDonalds. Did I mention I am allergic to cow’s milk? 😉 I spent most of saturday running to the washroom and feeling utterly terrible. Basically, this is how the end of the end started. While I didn’t survive the 30 days, I have cut back my refined carb and sugar intake immense amounts. So in picking myself up and moving on, I am still trying to reduce my sugar and refined carb intake, but I am no longer challenging myself to cut it out completely. This challenge was HARD. So hard. It is incredibly eye opening to see the hold that sugar has on me. I am now more aware of what I am consuming, how much and when I am consuming, and if I am getting enough water. I successfully did a long run(15.18km + 2km walk) on Saturday on which I fuelled with dates and banana rather than chews, and I plan to continue using dried sugar-free fruit to fuel my runs from now on. So, there you have it friends, thanks for supporting me anyways (because I know you all will), and if any of you are sugar and carb free right now-I applaud you. SO so hard.

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