Checking Back To Move Ahead


About a year ago, I started my journey to good health. My weight was out of control (207lbs, the highest in my life), I had acne, constant stomach pain, digestive issues, eczema, asthma, anxiety (for the first time in my life), infertility, PCOS, hypothyroid and exercise induced anaphylaxis. I was incredibly unhappy.  I started seeing a naturopath who helped me discover my true allergies and intolerances after traditional medicine was failing me-piling on more pills instead of finding a root to the problems(Gluten, Dairy, Peanuts, some birch pollen fruits/nuts, Shellfish allergies and intolerances), which was life changing. Through the process (with little effort of my own) I lost aprox. 20 lbs which I have maintained for six months now. I no longer have acne, pain, digestive issues, eczema, anxiety, or exercise induced anaphylaxis AT ALL. My asthma, PCOS and thyroid are all completely under control.

Why do I bring this all up again if I am healthy and thriving? I finally came to a realization. I love my body for what it has done for me. I love who I have become over the past year. Above is a picture comparing me in the first few weeks of my dietary changes and now. While to most the changes probably seem so minor they can barely tell, but to me, the girl on the left was sad, insecure and sick…the girl on the right is now happy, much more confident and thriving. On the left I was 207lbs, and I now weight 186lbs. I have lost about two clothing sizes. While I haven’t been actively loosing for the last 5ish months, my body has been changing and my clothes have been fitting differently. I know that 20 lbs is a drop in the bucket in the grand picture and I know it was a while ago…but it is important for me to review where I was to understand how much my life has changed.

For the next year I hope to continue on the weightless train and break out of maintenance. I believe this will make be a better runner, and healthier overall. I have a long-term goal of 145lbs, but as long as I am healthy and thriving, I am okay with it taking a while. I am just so grateful not to be sick all the time any more. My short term goal is to break into the 170’s by december. I have a few goals to help me achieve this:

photo1. Join a gym-work out three times per weeks. This is besides my usual running.

2. Get to 180 lbs. (and into the 170’s)

3. Stick to our house-buy budget. (Unrelated)

4. Run 5km in less than 35 minutes.

5. Eat out less than once/week.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

“The obsession with running is really an obsession with the potential for more and more life.”

“The body achieves what the mind believes.”



2 thoughts on “Checking Back To Move Ahead

  1. You are doing so great! Just saying your journey has been really inspiring to me. Gives me a lot of encouragement for my own issues, and goal setting. Just keep doing what your doing and change will continue to happen!

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