Fitness Lately

As many of you know, I have taken the fall off of marathon training to attempt to build muscle and gain some short-distance PR’s. Also to give my brain a little break from mega-long runs.
I have been working extra hard to develop muscles, and get faster!:) (I sound like a little boy who wants to be superman right now…) Here’s what I had on the go last week:

Monday: 15 minute warm up on the stationary bike + 20 minutes strength training (It was thanksgiving and the gym was closing early)
Tuesday: REST DAY

Wednesday: 5.1 km easy run with Cora

Thursday: 1 hr Hot Yoga Class with Chantel & Jayme + 5.4 km slightly quick but easy run with Steph

Friday: 1 hr Physique Class with Chantel (Strength training) + 11.2 km SLOW, DIFFICULT run with Becky (Physique kicked my hiney)

Saturday: WORK, REST DAY (Muscles utterly exhausted)

Sunday: WORK, Intended to run 45 minutes after work but felt quite tight still and ate a huge meal of indian late at work, took a REST DAY instead.

So all in all, I nearly hit my goal: 4 runs, 3 days at the gym. I was just short one run. Here’s the plan for this upcoming week, which is a busy one!

Monday: 1.5 hour Hot Yoga Class
Tuesday: 4.8km easy run
Wednesday: 40 minute tempo run + 30 minute Spin Class
Thursday: 4.8km easy run + 1 hour Group Active class (strength)

Friday: REST DAY!

Saturday: 1 hr 15 minute Hot Yoga Class

Sunday: 10km quick run

I am taking a course, and then some training for work this week, so I will have some busy 8-hour days to attempt to fit in double-work-outs but I am definitely excited to keep building muscle!:) Weighed in this morning and the results were fabulous from last week-I won’t share them for a few weeks, need to make sure I can maintain it first!:) I hope if nothing else, me sharing my goals for the week will inspire YOU to GET ACTIVE in any way you can!:)

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