Record Breaking Weekend

This weekend was one of the most fun I have had in a while. I am typically a big home body on the weekends, but this one I had fun things planned every single day! Saskatoon is such a great city!


Friday my friend and I went for a coffee/walk [because I was too lazy to run our preplanned 10km] and then that evening, along with our new friend, went out for mexican [you guessed it, my fave- La Bamba] and then some live music at a local coffee shop, Mystic Java.

IMG_0018Saturday the hubby had a conference in the morning so I was left to my own devices to cook up a storm/relax. I made some easy buffalo cauliflower (roast cauliflower until soft/crispy and then douse in frank’s buffalo sauce) + granola + an amazing smoothie bowl.

IMG_0017Once G was finished with work, we headed out for a delicious dinner at Prairie Ink followed by heading over to Greenbryre Golf Course for Holly’s Wine and Paint class. We had a great time and ended up coming home with two very different works of art! 🙂

IMG_0016Sunday we slept in (skipped church) and then I made some gluten free crepes and then in the afternoon S and I went to help break the world record for the biggest snow ball fight!

IMG_0013EPICLY FUN is the only way to describe it! There were AT LEAST 8200 people (the previous record was held by seattle at less than 6000) registered…and likely a couple thousand more unregistered since they ended up running out of wrist bands and reg lines got really long.

IMG_0010Now we are settling in for a night in, my brother is coming over for curry, and we will likely finish The Incredibles which G and I started before bed last night, and I nearly fell asleep half way though in. 🙂

Have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading!