I love birthdays.

I love my birthday, I love my friends birthdays, I just LOVE birthdays.

There is something so wonderful about both treating others (and having others treat you) like they are the centre of their world, and fitting all the things you adore [but feel too selfish to do for yourself] into one day.

Today I turned 27. The past year wouldn’t exactly be one I would call easy. It was a tremendous year of growth, which is painful at times. The last 12 months I grieved fertility, I lost people I loved, I saw people I love suffer immense pain, get sick and lose the ones they love…

I saw friends fall in love, get engaged, start their families, start careers, beat the odds, blow through their goals….

The juxtaposition of life is fascinating to me. Everything bad is balanced by a good.

26 reminded me of the importance of life. Of truly living. Of saying ‘I love you’ and meaning it. It reminded me that immense pain is temporary, and so are our moments. I am understanding more and more how important every moment is, and also how resilient we are as humans.

In an effort to fit as many things as I love into one day, I saw the sun rise, I savoured coffee at my favourite coffee shop, I frolicked with my husband in search of a perfect gluten free scone, I did hot yoga, I was inspired, I wore my favourite shirt, I indulged in a delicious meal with the most incredible friends in the world, and I ate cupcakes/tea in my underwear watching one of my favourite shows with my amazing, wonderful, selfless husband.

In the middle of hot yoga, I heard the worlds “CHANGE WHERE YOU NEED IT” and they resonated with me (even though all they meant was adjust the pose). This year, I aspire to CHANGE where I NEED it. I will continue to grow. I will continue to explore.

If you have never tuned in before; I make birthday goals instead of new years resolutions-here are 27’s…to help me change where I need it.

1. Do hot yoga at least twice a month. (and as much as you can stand-it inspires you, calms your mind, and makes you a better person)

2. Eat vegan 6/7 days a week. (less is more, trying is better than perfect)

3. Run a 2:30 half marathon. (never stop trying)

4. Go on vacation. (priority)

5. Save for a house.

6. Keep a bedtime routine.

7. Date night = priority.

8. Volunteer at the SPCA. (if you can’t have your own dog….)

9. Visit home twice.

10. Stick to a budget.

11. Wax regularly. (your arm pits will thank you)

12. Face masks once a week. (me time)


14. Daily yoga/meditation/devotion. (quiet time)

15. Take notes at church. (learn, grow)

16. Start biking to work.

17. Only eat out twice per month. (spend your money on things that actually matter!)

PS. Can you believe I took barely any photos today??!?!?!?!?!