Weight: 190.2 (-8.7 ONE week! After NO loss all month.)

Yesterday we had grand plans of going wall-climbing, however, I made the mistake of eating refined carbs with my new meds (I had been warned of this…) in the form of a hamburger bun/ veggie burger and was stuck in the bathroom emptying my stomach again. Lucky me.

ImageI was already sick for about a week and a half BEFORE starting the meds, but since starting I have already noticed a HUGE difference. While the side effects are troublesome, they are supposed to resolve in a few weeks. Thankfully, I feel pretty good aside from the 1 or two hours after taking my meds each day. A total for 4 hours a day. Much better than bed-ridden. If you are wondering, I have started taking a medication traditionally used for diabetes called Metformin. If you want to read about why it is given to PCOS sufferers you can read all abut it HERE. The most common effects of the medication are gatrointestinal issues and weight loss (due to your body properly using it’s insulin). Because I am usually sensitive to medications I did anticipate side effects, so thankfully I knew it was coming. Everything I have read seems to warn that refined sugars make the side effects worse. I definately learned this. Now trying not to eat ANY refined carbs until the adjustment phase is over, and only taking half-doses until my body gets more used to it.

photo-233We’ve been eating things like yogurt and fruit, and fajitas in lettuce shells instead of tortillas. All still delicious. Another thing I have noticed since taking the meds is that my appetite is much decreased and I don’t CRAVE carbs much (another symptoms of PCOS). I have already lost almost 9 pounds this week. Whether that is from puking due to stomach upset, or the meds will tell with time I suppose. It is encouraging though, because it is the first time in months (years?) that weight has come off EASILY.

When i was feeling a little better yesterday evening we met some friends for coffee which was wonderful. WONDERFUL. I missed them! =)

Other than that, G and I have just been hanging around home….tolerating my symptoms, praying to be back to normal VERY soon. 😉 [had to get a tow out of my parking lot today due to melting snow…hopefully this means spring is just around the corner?]


Haha. True fact. Depsite what pinterest says about shoving ear phones in your nose….the sound is NOT amplified out your mouth. We. So. Gullable. hehe.

photo-236If you haven’t read this book, I highly suggest it. G and I have been taking turns reading out loud to one another. It is basically just all the ‘little things’ that make life great…compounded into a book. Its a short, funny, easy read. A great bathroon or coffee table-reader-type.

I am off to sip some coffee, do a million loads of laundry, and enjoy my sunday home with the husband. Thanks for all your continued prayers and well wishes for good health. Its on it’s way. I can feel it. So hopeful. 😉

Today was spent sleeping in until 0900, which is pretty late considering I also slept all day after my night shift yesterday. I woke up hungry as a bear and whipped up some quick oats. 1/3 cup oats + 1/3 cup coconut milk + 1/3 cup water + 1 tbsp chia seeds, topped with Eden Apple Butter and strawberry slices….and a cup ‘o joe. Only one. SHOCKER.

ImageI then meandered around wasting time doing things like making the starter for a sour-dough artisan bread (which appears to be a total flop, but Ill wait 12 hours like the recipe says), catch up on The Carrie Diaries and The Bachelor (told ya, trash TV addict), and have a bath.

For lunch I cooked up some kale chips. Current food addiction = cooked kale in any form. 

ImageThey are like the potato chip of greens. Literally. They taste AMAZING. Don’t trust me? Try it. I like mine dipped in ketchup. Just take your greens of the stems, rip into chip-sized bits, massage with 1 tsp of olive oil and 1 tsp salt and bake at 350 degrees for aprox 10 minutes…until crispy but not brown. YUM. What is even better? You can eat THE ENTIRE TRAY for 89 calories + ketchup calories. Take THAT potato chips!

Anyways. I served up my kale chips with a little Yves Vegetable Pattie burger on some bread with avocado and ketchup and a side of dill pickle. A lunch to die for.



Now I will go tame my beastly mane. Oh yeah. Its AWFUL. Au Naturel. My hair dosen’t do that style well. 😉 And then I will head on foot to the artsty fartsy area of town (my fav.) to pick up some vitamins and search for a nut milk bag. I’ve been soaking almonds for 3 days now….was supposed to make milk with them after the first 12 hours. *opps*.

Peace out homies. 😉



Random Thought Sunday

A quick check in. No. I have not vanished. Busying myself visiting family.

Some random thoughts this weekend:

– What is it about home? Parents ALWAYS have the best food! Its like….all this wonderful snacking food, and home made soup, and ahhhhh! None of the things I buy at home. Even the things I do buy at home, taste so much better! So weird. There must be magical fairy parent dust sprinkled on it! Ha.

– Enjoyed the day, relaxing, drinking coffee, chatting with my Momma, Pappa and brother. My little sister wasn’t able to come home this weekend.

– Caught up with an old friend last night…sort of. Chatted a bit. It is amazing how long you can NOT talk to people, and still care so SO much about them! So need to put more effort into my long-distance friendships. Finishing school, getting married, starting my career made time pass so quickly, yet SO much has happened in such a short time.

– I haven’t been taking any pictures as we have been just relaxing around the house. Will probably go out and do some small town photography when everyone is at school/work tomorrow.

– Small towns, so not something I am used to. I didn’t grow up here…so I thought my wake up call today was aboslutely weird. They had the fire truck driving snail-speed down the street with a santa-clause-type-parade-procession….knocking on your door asking for food for the food bank. Great idea…but so so strange.


IMG_0406Today was a lovely day at home. Started off waking up to say “Graeme…You are going to be late for school”….yet again [I think he counts on my internal alarm!]… Followed by some egg nog spiked coffee (still no creamer after yesterday’s disaster, grocery day is friday) and egg nog oats (oats + egg nog+ chia seeds+ craisins+ melty almond butter on top). I must say, delicious, and filling. I could only eat half of this!

I worked on some blog stuff, lazed around, looked a cute things on etsy….so basically, a normal lazy day off when I am home alone. 😉

Next, I went to do my hair and realized that doing my oil cleansing method in the same bath I washed my hair last night was a TERRIBLE idea beacuse my hair was super oily, matted, and ICK. So instead of freaking out and jumping into the shower, I decided to give myself a little hot oil treatment. My hair is getting pocahontas-like its so long ans is desparetly in need of a trim [thank goodness I have a hair appointment next week]…, I covered my hair in warm coconut oil and wrapped it all up in a proceeded to think: Hey, why not. Spa day in the house yo’! 🙂 I painted my nails too!



I needed to get into the christmas mood, as Graeme and I had planned to put up the tree/ make our traditional dutch cookies, Specculas tonight. I decided to whip up some homemade graham crackers with a flair. Egg nog. Of course! While I was doing that, I found the recipe that Gaeme’s Mom gave me on a christmas card back when we were engaged. It was a tradition for Graeme growing up. LOVE that it is an hand-written recipe. Something so homey about it.



Graeme’s family is also apparently doing their tree today because the mother in law texted me this photo of an old ornament:

photo-103Wasn’t my husband THE cutest little boy? I hope our kids take his genes! I finally sat down with Graeme to relax for a few minutes before we pulled out the tree when my manager phoned. (4th call from work today) She said they were ‘desperate’ for staff tonight, so I agreed to come in for the first 4 hours of the shift…hopefully they were able to find someone for the last 8.

So much for the tree. Oh well. I usually prefer to do it after my birthday anyways (Dec. 12). We’ll try again next week I suppose!;)

This Pocahontas (who’s hair is nice and soft after the conditioning treatment) is off to make some extra christmas moola…..




Morning Glory

Being a shift-working nurse definitely has it’s perks. You work your hiney off for 4 days at a time, with no social life….but MAN are the stretches off W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L! I have been sticking to a pretty normal sleep pattern this stretch [which is rare after nights], and it has been making my life so much better! I have been going to sleep around 2200-2230. Waking up around 0700-0800. Averaging about 9 hours/night, no alarms necessary [Yes, my body is most happy on 9 hours, not 7 like most adults!]. I get to see my hunny off before he goes to school, and I get to enjoy the quietness morning brings. Its wonderful.

I have been spending my mornings drawing out coffee time to somewhere around 1000 [with anywhere from 1-3 cups: creamer in the first, and they become stronger and stronger as I ‘top up’, until I have no cream, only coffee] while I browse all of my favorite blogs, and work on things for All Of Life’s Questions. Readership is growing, and I am so thankful! Its so nice to know that there are actually people reading, rather than being lost in the abyss of the techie world. I hope you all keep reading as I am enjoying writing immensely.

Yesterday I painted my nails after some blog work. Too bad I was too rushed to get dressed to run….I messed up 3 of these beaut’s!


Turns out it wasn’t even worth it! We ended up staying inside and giving the Dancing With The Stars workout video another shot. We did the entire 45 minutes…all three dances. My review remains the same. We mostly flailed the entire time.

I have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen this week as well. I have been enjoying making healthier versions of food x10. Its like a super-challenge, and I am totally UP FOR IT! Not only is it fun, but it fires me up to eat healthy. It makes it exciting! Yesterday for dinner I made these incredible Spicy Coconut Chicken Strips


ImageFollowed by half of one of the almond butter cups I made! It was de-lightful. Way better than fast-food.

Thank goodness for cooking. It serves as  a temporary reprieve from the cold. Our thermostat is NOT working. It has been set to 90-100 all week, and it remains a chilly 60-65….sometimes 67 when cooking! At -25 C…this is NOT good.

This morning, I awoke to the chilly air, and decided to make a version of baked oatmeal I saw on pinterest.

ImageThis one definitely requires some tweaking before I post a recipe. A dab of butter greatly helped the flavors meld, but something was missing? Round two next week maybe?


Today’s healthy lifestyle goals? Go to Yoga For Backs with some gals from work, get in a zombie march  run [I hate the darn treadmill…but I don’t think my asthmatic lungs can take -20 today], and try to reduce the salt I ingest: I awoke with slightly swollen fingers today, I can only attribute it to too much salt? hormonal variations? TMI?


Here’s to another relaxing, joy-filled day….and wedding rings that fit!=)